Located 40 miles north of Birmingham and just over
11 miles east of Cullman, Foundry Farm rests on 80
acres of rolling hills and dense forests-accented by
a slow-moving stream-that bring a restful and
restorative atmosphere to the beautiful
God-filled setting.

The property consists of a plantation-style house
where staff and residents can gather for meals,
classes and worship, and two outer buildings that
are used for sleeping, personal activities and
offices. A garden, several acres in size, provides
delicious fresh vegetables for meals. Men who desire
to enter The Foundry Recovery Program begins with a
14-day Orientation Program designed to allow them to
slow down, catch their breaths and mentally detox
from their former addictive lifestyles. Upon completion
of the Orientation Program, men are evaluated and
transferred into the long-term Recovery Program at
The Foundry Farm or at our main campus in

The men are accepted from a waiting list and begin
their journey to recovery by receiving emotional,
educational, spiritual and economic tools they need
to heal and live drug free, self-sufficient lives. Many have come directly to The Foundry Farm from the streets or other desperate situations caused by their addictions, so this peaceful setting and nurturing environment allow them to plant their feet firmly on the ground as they begin their recovery process.

The daily program for Foundry Farm residents residents consists of self-examination and group discussions to help them identify issues that led them to their point of addiction. Personal and spiritual development through classes and individual counseling are also key components of the Recovery Program. Each man assists and completes basic chores, maintains the grounds and facilities, and serves in the garden and woodshop. As a means of work therapy, as well as a resource for generating operational funds, residents learn woodworking skills by building Adirondack-style furniture, children's outdoor furniture and many other natural wood furniture items.

Dusty Hammock directs the program and staff at The Foundry Farm, which includes counselors, a work-therapy manager, administrative staff and an orientation chaplain. Dorm supervisors, case managers and staff interns also provide direction and oversight of the programs here. Staff are on duty around the clock—with a security system in place—to attend to residents' needs and safety. As at the Bessemer campus, residents at the farm undergo random, periodic drug testing to encourage them to stay the course.

You're invited to Partner, Pray, Provide and Participate! If the Lord has placed on your heart a desire to help men and women conquer their addictions and develop their God-given potential, you can partner with us by praying for the success of The Foundry Farm and the men for whom we are the first step toward new life. By providing gifts of your time, talent and resources, you participate in the process of saving lives for Christ. If you'd like to know more about The Foundry Farm and how you can be a part of this ministry, contact Jessica Carpenter, at 1-888-5FOUNDRY.

Foundry Farm Testimony
A few years ago, Mike Emmanuel was living "the single man's dream." "I was completely hedonistic," he admits, "but I would ask myself, 'Is this all there is?'" Mike had a history of alcohol abuse, and one day he disappeared into the woods for two years of hard drinking and thinking. "I was like a dog walking off to die or a man headed for a wilderness experience," he recalls. Family members finally persuaded Mike to enter rehab, but after completing the 30-day program and staying clean for a year, Mike went out and bought a beer. "I was a dry drunk," he explains. "I was clean but there was no joy in my life, so I thought I might as well drink again."

Mike's mom convinced him to try The Foundry Rescue Mission and Recovery Center, and Mike joined our Recovery Program in June 2007. "There are times I call 'wild moments' when God gets you to a place where you have to believe," Mike recalls. "Three weeks into the program, the police came to The Foundry looking for me. My mom had been killed in a car wreck." Overwhelmed and helpless, Mike gave his situation to God. "I told Him, 'God, You got this one. Let me know what to do.'" A year later, Mike graduated from our Christ-centered Recovery Program and prepared to leave. Then, to his surprise, Pastor Bill Heintz asked him to stay and maintain the grounds of the newly purchased Foundry Farm. "It was an honor to have Pastor Bill ask me to watch over it," says Mike. "It's a place where the lost who are hurting and have nowhere to go can come-a place where God is."